Found my router, and bought it in Europe...

Remember my old post about SOHO router with low power and available in European shops (2009/05/where-is-my-router)? Guess what, I found one. It is not from Billion and it does not have that much as 4 GigaEthernet ports, but still it is full of features, and based on some reviews, it is even more stable (although I will soon give feedback if that is not true). So, to remind you, my requirements where:
  1. ADSL2+
  2. Firewall with VPN
  3. VoIP (SIP)
  4. WLan (802.11N draft a bonus)
  5. Giga Ethernet
  6. 3G/UMTS/EDGE backup a (another bonus)
This new pick it has even more:
  1. Torrent client for the USB disk that you can attach
  2. SSH/Telnet
  3. Multiple SIP accounts
  4. Second WAN port (meaning 3 possible routings, with ballance)
  5. VPN with 32 (Billions has only 16)
  6. Printer support (not seen in Billions version)
Interesting, is it not? Even better than the previous hit! And, another extra bonus: you can buy it Europe? Me so happy. Not to mention that it has a quite decent price, somehow lower than what was estimated for Billions. I found it from British BroadbandBuyer and it is a DrayTek Vigor 2820Vn. It took 7 days to get it and the shipping was quite inexpensive. So, I am a happy low power router with lots of features owner now...

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