N9 and N950: Harmattan way, or how to get your deb package out of the store.nokia.com...

Well, if you had problems like I did with installing some applications from the https://store.nokia.com, here is the very simple recipe how to get around the problem.

But first, a brief introduction into the whys. I wanted to install an application that I saw demonstrated by a friend. When I tried installing it from the Store, it failed with an error about not being able to download. I was puzzled for a long time, filled a bug, waited some time until I thought to give it a try and install it in the old fashion way: manually. So, I fired up a console, find out a way to get the debian packge and then install it.

This entry is how to get the debian package file out. For that, you need the console (terminal) and hence you need the device to have the developer mode enabled.

In the console, you just need to do this:
/usr/bin/osa --get packagename > packagename_versioin_armel.deb

Hope this helps some folks out there searching for answers, and those that still don't have one, go buy it while you can!